Network Infrastructure &
IT Solutions Specialists

Founded in 2005 Minton Communications is one of the UK’s leading Network Infrastructure & IT Solutions providers.

Minton Communications has extensive experience and expertise in delivering business connectivity across a wide range of sectors throughout the UK & Europe, including the: Commercial, Education, Health, Industrial & Residential sectors. Since our inception we have been designing, installing and maintaining bespoke and robust network solutions that deliver global business connectivity.

Hassle Free Installations

We pride ourselves on giving our customer a hassle free installation with each project we undertake. It is our mission to ensure our customer has complete satisfaction from design to handover. We achieve this by following our very simple internal processes from concept to handover, allowing us to treat each project in its entirety. This all results in complete customer satisfaction and a superior customer service.

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It is our belief that for our business to continue to be successful, we will always have a true understanding and passion of who we are and what we have always set out to achieve.

Superior Customer Service

Ensuring our customers have complete satisfaction so we can retain our relationship with them ensuring repeat business.

Our People

The people we work with are an integral part of our business and we believe in treating them that way. Without their commitment, energy and hard work we would not be where we are today.

Great Installations

No matter what our installations will never be compromised. This is the core of our business and why we continue to have long lasting relationships with our customers. We will always go above and beyond.

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Network Infrastructure

Our networking solutions enable your infrastructure to become a strategic business asset to improve performance.

Telephone Systems

Our team are on hand to provide design and implementation of telecom solutions that meet real business needs.

ICT Hardware & Wireless Solutions

We can provide full IT Infrastructure, a stand-alone Wi-Fi network solution or an adjunct to an existing cable network.

IP CCTV & Door Access Controls

Our highly-secure CCTV & Door Access Control systems will ensure you and your valuables are well protected around the clock.

TV & IPTV Solutions

We are experienced in installing TV & IPTV systems across a vast range of projects from student accommodations to offices.

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We are delighted to be working in partnership with a range of fantastic companies across a broad range of industry sectors.