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Minton Communications Ltd provides bespoke Smart Home solutions which will completely satisfy your needs whatever your situation. We listen carefully to our clients before proposing a range of options from which you may choose the most appropriate integrated home technology system for your needs.

Your smart home can include a wealth of entertainment such as TV and video where and when you want, CCTV and security systems, telephone distribution, multi-room audio and home networks offering wired or wire-free broadband capacity.

A total system can be supplied or it can be designed in a series of 'building blocks' which can be added to in logical steps dependant on your budget and future aspirations.

Components of a Smart Home

Therefore, we find the definition of these terms usually depends on your industry knowledge. Yet, what if you are just starting out? Common definitions of a Smart Home or Home Automation entail:

You may already have a few of these devices in your home. The real question is whether each system has its own separate interface. In addition, can any of the systems communicate their status? Our aim is to bring all these separate and isolated systems together. Automation to us is primarily about centralising control of separate systems. Once centralised, your home can exhibit smart behaviours.

Smart Behaviours

Imagine the following scenario:

This first step in the Smart Home is to get all systems to talk to each other. Once achieved, you can add an amazing list of automation tasks or "smart behaviours" to your home. With the assistance of Minton Communications Ltd you can increase the level of comfort, convenience and safety within your home.

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